About Us

The Sun Against Poverty

The Greek Sun Foundation was launched in July 2012 in Pirgos, Greece.

Our mission is to make solar a mainstream energy resource across the Greece. Greek Sun Foundation is a non-profit organization working to foster economic opportunity, promote energy security and fight climate change by making solar a mainstream energy resource.

Since 2012, Greek Sun Foundation has been working to make solar affordable and accessible to more Greeks. We work at the state level all across the country to support the policies and programs needed to repower our grid with clean energy.

The vision: free, clean electricity from the sun should be available to everyone. By taking a broader approach to solar as not just an environmental good but also a real-world solution to a real-world economic problem in these communities, Greek Sun Foundation is helping to set the stage for large-scale solar adoption nationwide.

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Solar Energy

Solar electric systems convert the infinite energy from the sun into electricity even on cold or cloudy days. Electricity generated by solar electric systems does not create noise, air, or water pollution, unlike electricity generated by fossil fuels.

Solar panels can be mounted on a roof or the ground of homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, government buildings, and many other community organizations.

Benefits of Solar Energy

Installing solar electric systems offers several advantages, including:

  • Does not generate greenhouse gases and improves our environment by using less fossil fuels
  • Lowers your electric bill
  • They may seem expensive upfront, but they will save you money in the long run
  • There is very little maintenance required to maintain your solar panels and they can last longer than 25 years.


Co-Founder & CEO of Greek Sun Foundation

Founder and President of Greek Sun Foundation

Aggelos Ladas,a Greek social entrepreneur believes “Solar energy is the key to fight against poverty”,so he started an campaign to rally the international community for help.

“I have seen for myself how solar energy can transform lives. People can continue their jobs or school work after the sun goes down, businesses can expand and families do not have to rely on charcoal cookers which fill houses with poisonous fumes”.

Our proposal with the title “Greek Sun” was among the 20 best proposals for social change in our country. (The «Destination: Change. New Solutions for Greece» competition is an initiative by Ashoka).


Address: Loukianou 4,Pirgos Ilias, 27131, Greece
E-mail: info@greeksun.org