The Foundation

Our Mission

The Problem
With energy poverty being one of the most dramatic symptoms of the Greek crisis (2 out of 3 households are struggling to pay their energy bills), investing in the abundant sun, the country’s biggest asset, will be key to a Greek recovery.

Our Initiative – What will happen to the money?
Greek Sun Foundation is a non-profit organization aiming to generate direct income for the financially weaker groups of Greece.Our goal is to help the Greek families that have lost access to electricity as a result of the economic crisis. We provide low-to-no cost solar electric systems to families that qualify as low income, and install them using a barnraising model that gives volunteers and job trainees hands-on experience they can use to get jobs in the growing solar industry.


Each project has a triple impact: energy cost savings that help struggling families put food on the table or pay medical expenses; a classroom in the field for solar aspirants that supports local employment and the growing solar industry; and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions that helps local governments reach their emissions targets and contributes to cleaner air for everyone.This provides an environmentally and economically sustainable way to truly make in impact in the lives of Greek families.

Starting from Greece
Solar energy is everywhere. Governments, donors and aid agencies have the power to tear down regulatory barriers, attract new finance and ignite a solar revolution across World. IN CASE THIS EFFORT IS SUCCESSFUL, IT WILL SET THE EXAMPLE FOR OTHER COUNTRIES AS WELL.

Sustainable and long-term solution
Our proposal combines many advantages as it directly fights poverty creating income for 25 years but also protects the environment and creates new jobs.

Our Impact

Solar saves families money, which they can use on clothing or food.

The sun provides a tremendous resource for generating clean and sustainable electricity without toxic pollution or global warming emissions.

Solar energy already supports thousands of jobs in the Greece. We provide hands-on training that can help launch a new career in solar energy.


Address: Loukianou 4,Pirgos Ilias, 27131, Greece